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by Jamelyn

I’ve compiled a list of some fun gift ideas for the chicken enthusiast in your life! Some of these things I own (and love) myself, while other things are on my own wish list.

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Swing Egg Display

This is actually a bird feeder, but 12 eggs fit perfectly on this swing.

I think it would be great for someone who likes to display their fresh eggs in a cute way in the kitchen or at a farmer’s market. Think of all the comments you would get at the farmer’s market by displaying your eggs in this miniature swing–hopefully leading to selling those fresh eggs!

Chicken Talavera Planter

I have several talavera planters, including one like this one that is shaped like a chicken. Talavera is ceramic sculptures that are made in Mexico. They are painted in vibrant colors and brighten up any porch or backyard. I love them because each one is hand painted and is slightly different from any others.

This planter is perfect for the chicken keeper because they can grow any number of herbs that are safe and beneficial for chickens in these cute planters.

These herbs are natural insect repellants that can be used safely around the chicken coop:

  • Lavender
  • Mint
  • Lemon balm
  • Basil
  • Catnip

Seeds To Grow Chickens’ Favorite Treats

These seeds are specifically mixed to grow your chickens’ favorite treats in your particular climate. The seeds come in a variety of plants that when grown will delight your chickens, while also providing them nutrients that are necessarily for their health.

Depending on the seed mix, the packets start around $10 and cover about 500 sq ft.

This would be a good gift for someone who likes to let their chickens free range and has a space in the yard for growing these different plants that range in color and size. According to the seller’s website, these seeds are easy to establish and will return year after year, making these a great gift for people who might not have the greenest of thumbs.

“Beware of Chickens” Warning Sign

I bought this sign for my husband right after we got our chickens. When people have come to meet our chickens they see this sign and get a bit concerned until they get that it’s a total joke!

I like this sign because it’s made of metal and is sturdy enough to leave it outside hanging off the chicken run fencing.

Chicken Egg Stamp

When I came across this stamp, I instantly fell in love! Unlike other chicken stamps, this one is specifically designed to look like a Barred Plymouth Rock chicken. I was looking for a chicken stamp for my planner but found that some people are using these to stamp their eggs that they sell. How cute is that!

These stamps come in various sizes and the 1/2″ size would be perfect for stamping eggs.

You can use any non-toxic ink for these stamps, but I would suggest using food-grade ink (which can be found here). Make sure the eggs are completely dry before stamping otherwise the ink might run.

“Wash Eggs” Stamp

Like many chicken keepers, I sell eggs when I get the chance. Since I don’t wash my eggs prior to selling them, I like to remind my customers to wash their eggs prior to eating. This stamp is such a great idea because it’s a cute reminder that can be stamped inside the egg carton.

Since this stamp won’t be used on the egg shells, you can use any ink pad for this stamp. I would recommend a stamp pad like this one because it’s large enough for the stamp and comes in a variety of fun colors (it can be found here).

Chicken Keeping Journal

This journal is perfect for a new chicken keeper to keep track of their flock as they grow. There are pages to record your chickens’ health, how many eggs they laid each month, and keep track of when was the last time the coop was cleaned out.

If you know someone who is planning on getting chickens, this planner would be great for them. I think it would be especially helpful to someone who has a flock that consists of chickens of different breeds or ages so you can keep track of their egg laying habits and overall health.

Chicken Friendship Bracelet

This simple bracelet would make a great gift for your fellow chicken enthusiast friends! It could also be a cute “thank you” gift to the person who helps take care of your chickens when you are out of town.

I like that you can customize the color of the band and the bracelet is made in the USA.

Chicken Breed Earrings

I love that these earrings come in different breeds of chickens! Most chicken themed jewelry is a generic chicken, but this shop has earrings for Barred Rock, Buff Orpington, and Sussex breeds.

For more practical gift ideas that can be used for caring for chickens, I recommend the following items. You can also check out my full list of gear I use for my backyard chickens on my Recommendations page.

Beginner Poultry Kit

We used this beginner kit for our chicks.  It made things easy for us since it came with just about everything you need to get started with baby chickens.  

The one thing I wish they would have included in this kit is a thermometer.  Maintaining the correct temperature for your chicks is very important.  We bought a thermometer separately, but it would have been great if this kit included one of those thermometers that is specific for chickens and indicates the appropriate temperature at each age in weeks.

Chicken Nesting Pads

Before I found these nesting pads, I used pine shavings in the nesting boxes.  The chickens would kick the shavings out of the nest boxes and eggs would end up cracked since they didn’t have a soft landing place.  

After I added these nesting pads to the boxes, I saw a decrease in the number of cracked eggs.  I still get some eggs that are cracked, but the number has definitely dropped.  

It didn’t take long for the chickens to get used to these pads and I have not noticed them trying to remove them from the boxes.  Overall, I’ve been very pleased with these pads.  

The package comes with 10 nesting pads and I change them out every 3 months.  You can get a discount by using Subscribe & Save on Amazon.

I talk more about these nesting pads in this post.

Hanging Feeder

This hanging tube feeder is pretty basic but I’m recommending it because it works great for my chicken set-up. 

I have a carabiner attached to a rope that hangs from the top of the chicken run.  Every morning I will attach this feeder to the carabiner and let the chickens out of the coop.  With this feeder hanging about “shoulder” height to my chickens, they are not able to kick bedding or poop into their food.

My 10 chickens are all able to eat from this feeder at the same time.

Waterer Nipples

We started using these waterer nipples when our chicks transitioned from the brooder to the coop.  We got our most friendly chick, Miss Kay, to use the nipples and the other chickens quickly followed her example.

I like these waterer nipples because they are easy to install on a 5 gallon bucket, are easy to keep clean, and the whole set-up prevents chickens from getting the water dirty. 

The chickens prefer to drink water out of a plastic tote that we keep in their run, but they will drink from these nipples when they are in the coop.

Egg Collection Basket

This is a cute and functional wire basket that I use for collecting eggs from the chicken coop.  I wanted something that looked traditional and would last for a long time.  This basket can easily hold 3 dozen eggs without fear of the ones on the bottom breaking.  

The only downside is that this basket is made in China.  At the time I was shopping for an egg basket I couldn’t find anything similar that was made in the US.  

Check out this post to find out why it’s important to collect eggs every day.

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